I am a massive proponent of people making money off of plugins. I think they can and should find a way to create a business in this ecosystem we’ve created. There’s a problem with the approach of some of these products, and in a way we created it ourself, and it hit WordPress 4.5. There is a plugin, it doesn’t matter which one, that’s a premium plugin. It’s not available for free on WordPress.org. You have to buy it, get a license, enter the license into the plugin, and in that way get updates. That’s fine. But there’s a complication. Actually a couple. Licenses Expire and People Aren’t Informed That’s a big ‘no kidding’ moment, but they do expire. And people don’t always notice that their license expired. Even if you post a big sign on the dashboard and email them. Worse, people don’t know they have license. One of the major problems with software, when purchased for a company, is ownership. If I buy an app on the company dime, it’s their app. But when I buy an app for someone I’m building a site, and I pay for it myself, even if I charge them for it, who owns it? Who keeps the license? Who has the information for running a site? This is an aspect of WebDevelopment where we collapse,
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