Mobile usage and mobile content consumption have been hot topics the marketing and business world have been talking about in the last year. It all started in May 2015, when Google revealed that mobile searches overtake those performed on desktop and laptop computers in many countries, including the US and Japan. But we, as human beings, already knew that because we spend more and more time with our smartphone, randomly browsing through links, watching funny videos, and reading the news. These and other behaviors have all a common background: we rely on and use smartphones a lot. And smart companies know that too. That's why, roughly in the past year, some of the greatest ones have been working on new technologies and ways to let us engage with content even more through our mobile phones. Facebook with Instant Articles, Google with Accelerated Mobile Pages and Apple with Apple News, these are they new kids in town. So what's this all about?, How can I enable them on my WordPress website? and Will they be useful to my business in any way? These are the main questions I'm going to answer (but not only) in this 3-part blog post that we'll publish in the coming weeks. Don't miss part 2 (Google
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