As I’m decompressing from the whirlwind that was WordCamp San Diego, I’ve been going through notes and bookmarked posts on the topics for many of the things that were discussed. But my mind is also drifting to several emails, messages, and notes I’ve received this year about those who are interested in attending a WordCamp but have yet to do so for one reason or another. Though I’m considering writing several posts over the course of this week all related to the material covered at the conference, I thought it might be worth sharing some of the reasons that I enjoy going to WordCamp. Each time someone publishes a post like this, it’s always going to be through the filter of their experience. I’m certainly not naive to that, but after attending several WordCamps over the last few years, I’d like to think that I’ve had enough experiences that fall on the spectrum of being “Man, that wasn’t very good” to “I’m glad I attended that conference.” Furthermore, I’m also going as a developer. I’m wasn’t attending through the persona of a designer (because I’m not one), a blogger, or as a business-person (though I will say that my interested in business tracks has increased over the last few years).
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