When a new client comes on board, they may bring their current website with them. Only once you give their site a good checkup, you may find that not much is “current” at all. If it’s running WordPress or another open-source CMS, that could be trouble. Outdated core software, plugins or themes could leave the site vulnerable to attack. And, while it’s easy to say, “Just update it”, that can sometimes bring its own set of challenges. Here are a few tips on what to do when inheriting an outdated WordPress website. Make a backup First thing, back up the entire website. This includes grabbing at least the /wp-content folder, which contains all of the plugins, themes and uploaded media. You can easily download this folder either through FTP, or a web host’s control panel. You’ll also want to have a copy of the site’s database as well. This can usually be done through a host’s control panel or through phpMyAdmin. This will ensure that you have a version of the site you can roll back to, just in case something goes awry during updates. While there are many plugins that also will create a backup, I hesitate to recommend using one until the site you’re working on is fully updated. Installing
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