At Kinsta we believe that speed and stability are the hallmarks of a great website. Our mission is to bring you top-of-the-line managed WordPress hosting without compromises. This is why today we are announcing a completely new infrastructure based on Google Cloud Platform. We’ve combined lightning fast PHP 7, MariaDB, latest LXD container technology and developer tools like SSH and WP-CLI. We believe we have created the best managed WordPress hosting solution available today. Why We’re Switching To Google Cloud We started planning an infrastructure overhaul a year ago. Working with multiple data center providers we saw a lot of room for improvement but we were bound by the limitations imposed on us by these providers. About 6 months ago, one of our major providers started experiencing malfunctions and other outages that caused problems not just for Kinsta, but for other hosting companies as well. Worst of all this resulted in downtime for our customers which is unacceptable. This strengthened our resolve – looking for a new provider that meets our quality standards was the way forward, we were on the right track. By moving to Google Cloud Platform we knew we could ensure a high-level
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