This quick little video highlights the new features in WordPress 4.5. WordPress 4.5 will be released on April 12, with quite a few new features and 372 bug fixes. Nothing completely game changing in this WordPress release, but lots of good code cleanup, UI improvement, and standards laid out for future development. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see when you update to WordPress 4.5. - New Inline Link Editing - New Text Patterns for code blocks & horizontal lines (in WYSIWYG editor) - Login to WordPress with your email address - Customizer Changes --- Selective Refresh --- Custom Logos (aka: Theme Logo Support) --- Device Preview (for testing mobile responsive) - 3 new Dashicons - A few improvements to WordPress comments & comment moderation - Support for embedding Twitter timelines & moments FOR DEVELOPERS: - Script loader enhancements - New embed templates for customization - New term edit page - A few multisite additions All WordPress 4.5 Features & Tutorials - SEE ALSO: How to Add/Edit Links in WordPress 4.5 - Twitter: Facebook:
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