Throughout the spring semester, I have been training high school students in all things WordPress. As a member of the WordPress Training Team, this was a great chance to test out the curriculum that we’ve been writing as a team. I get so excited to see people go from novice to advanced and how this can benefit their interests and needs. I love seeing students “get it” and asking great questions that keep the learning process moving forward. When presented with the opportunity to step back into the classroom as a long-term substitute teacher, I jumped into action. Why WordPress? Within the WordPress community, this seems like an obvious answer. But in the educational world, this is a much bigger question. Public education will first look to the curriculum created for their program, which is exactly where I looked. National Business Education Association (NBEA) – as a business, computer, and information technology certified public educator, this is the organization that really organizes exactly what curriculum areas I am certified in, as well as what students of these programs should know. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) – an international organization providing
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