WP Review Me Are you distributing WordPress themes or plugins on WordPress.org? Then you know how important reviews are. The bad thing with reviews is that, while unhappy users love to let the world know, happy users tend to forget reviewing your product. How can you get more good reviews? Simply ask your users. How It Works Once instantiated, the library will leave an initial timestamp in the user's database. When the admin is loaded, the current time is compared to the initial timestamp and, when it is time, an admin notice will kindly ask the user to review your product. The admin notices can, of course, be dismissed by the user. It uses the WP Dismissible Notices Handler library for handling notices. Installation The simplest way to use WP Review Me is to add it as a Composer dependency: composer require julien731/wp-review-me Example Creating a new review prompt would look like that: new WRM_WordPress( array( 'days_after' => 10, 'type' => 'plugin', 'slug' => 'my-plugin' ) ); This is the simplest way of creating a review prompt. If you want to customize it further, a few advanced parameters are available. You can see the documentation on the wiki page: https://github.com/julien731/WP-Review-Me/wiki
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