Just like your kid, your product is probably no special. Well, sorry if you’re offended … or, you know what, actually I’m not sorry at all. But why am I even saying this anyway? Let’s start at the beginning: I have met a lot of people lately, both in the WordPress community and outside of it. All trying to build their businesses/products and asking for my advice on various things, but also complaining that they can’t get the marketing cracked for their products, blog posts, courses, etc. My main observation is that – and I’m guilty of this too at times – people generally tend to believe that their product is great, and that the only reason they can’t get enough eyeballs on it is because they lack the money or the marketing skill to promote it effectively. Bollocks! At least 90% of the time. But let’s talk examples. Here’s my quick analysis of 4 things/products/articles of ours that got popular, and the role that marketing played in that: Our transparency reports over at the CodeinWP blog. The Zerif Lite WordPress theme. The Revive Old Post WordPress plugin. 1. Transparency reports – why they worked To be completely honest with you, I haven’t spent more than a couple of hours promoting
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