Website performance optimization is always something that should be top priority, especially when there is so much online competition. We have written a lot of performance tutorials over the past couple months, such as how to speed up WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. But what if you aren’t on any of those platforms? Below are the top 18 optimization tips we recommend, regardless of the platform, if you are looking to optimize your site. But before we dive into the tips there are a few tools you should be aware of so that you can first pinpoint your website performance issues. If you know where your website is slowing down or bottlenecking than you can re-adjust your priorities. Test your Website’s Speed First we recommend using a website speed test tool to analyze the overall speed of your website. We suggest using KeyCDN’s website speed test tool or WebPageTest as both of these support HTTP/2. Firefox 36+ or Chrome 41+ is required. And you will see more below about why we recommend migrating to HTTPS to take advantage of HTTP/2. Load Test Your Site Second it is important to load test your site to see what might be causing bottlenecks. Below are few tools which can help test your
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