Long gone are the days when WordPress was merely a blogging platform. By now it’s a full-fledged content management system used by millions of websites and powers a healthy chunk of the Internet. Consequently, the number of people whose employment somehow revolves around WordPress is also steadily increasing. From hosting providers, to technical support, to *cough* WordPress bloggers—more and more people around the world make a full-time income from the platform. And it pays off. Just look at this developer from Pakistan who is building a three-story house for his entire family after selling just one WordPress theme. In fact, web designers and WordPress developers make up a large share of those earning money with the CMS. If you are thinking about joining them, you are in luck. Today we are looking at web development tools for WordPress. WordPress Development Tools at Your Disposal The tools mentioned in this list will cover a lot of different disciplines of web development. Some are smaller, some bigger, yet all of them are designed to make the life of those building websites with WordPress a little easier. Where possible I tried to find free tools, but a bunch of premium
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