“Why use anti adblock WordPress plugins?” After all, everybody hates ads … unless you’re a marketer or have an online business. In which case you need them to make a living. Last year, adblocking grew by 41% globally and there are now over 198 million active users using adblockers all around the world. Wow! So what can you do when most of your visitors or blog readers indeed use some form of an adblocker? Here’s a handful of great anti adblock WordPress plugins that can help: 1. Adblock Notify An anti adblock WordPress plugin from our own stable. It’s an easy to use solution to reason with your audience and try convincing them politely to consider disabling adblocking when going through your site. Here’s how it works: Through its inner “magic,” the plugin detects if the visitor uses any sort of adblocker. If they are, you get the opportunity to display a targeted message to them. You have full control over that message and can customize it freely. Example: You can tweak the popups the way you want by choosing multiple animations, effects, colors, catchy titles etc. Also, you can write custom CSS in order to make the messages more
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