If you run a WordPress blog, then you understand the importance of comments. The comment section of a blog is a great place for readers to engage with one another and build community. Fortunately, WordPress hese five plugins make it easy to moderate your comment section so you can answer questions and shut down trolls.



Named on their site as “the best alternative to Disqus,” wpDiscuz has more than 10,000 active installs. It can support millions of comments per site, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your conversations to a minimum. Feel free to talk away. If people comment on your post, they can choose to be notified when someone responds or just leave it alone. Make the decision from a drop-down box.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments

Let’s face it, comments are a great way to communicate with your readers, but feedback isn’t always welcome. Disable Comments allows you to remove comments on your entire site or specific post types. You can’t disable comments on a particular post, but this is a great way to get rid of comments altogether.



Disqus is great at following threads of comments. Enter an email and comment as much as you want. When someone replies to your comment, you will get an email notification so you can decide whether or not to keep the thread going. It also makes it easy to import comments from old posts.



Unfortunately, with comments come spam and you can take the time to delete those posts manually, or download Anti-spam to take care of it for you. The best part is, it does it all without Captcha. The plugin takes the problem out of the hands of the admin and the commenter and just goes after spammers.



Plug your email into a comment and you can continue your feed through email instead of going back to the post every time. Simply reply to the email, hit send, and your response will be posted right to the site. You can do it from a phone or tablet, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

What’s your favorite comment moderating plugin?

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