Everyone worries about development – because they know it’s hard work. Most people don’t realize how hard marketing is. So you want marketing strategies for ecommerce websites… The other day I mentioned to some developers that if they had 90 days to launch a new product, assuming they weren’t letting any of these reasons hold them back, I might recommend 3 days on additional engineering and 87 on marketing. It’s not that engineering isn’t difficult or challenging or time-consuming. It is all of that. But I think most people just forget or don’t know how much work marketing is. So if you’ve gotten to a point where you’ve launched a new online store, an ecommerce project you’ve been working on for a while, and you’re now wondering how to get people to visit your site, this post is for you. Here are five marketing strategies for ecommerce websites. I would have called it five marketing strategies for your WooCommerce store, but if you’ve decided to use Cart66, EDD, or even Shopify, these should still apply (though you may have to make some tweaks). Let’s start with programs that leverage your existing
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