With all the buzz that’s been going around the WP REST API for the past year or so, I thought it’s time we take a look at some of the awesome implementations that have been made recently (or not so recently). If you don’t know what it is, the REST API is basically a new way for things outside of WordPress to communicate with a WordPress site. (Things like Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds that show up on pages can be run by an API. And you know those “Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google” pages? You guessed it, API again.) This makes it possible to for example code the entire front end in a different language, for example, the very popular JavaScript, or you can even use it communicate with mobile apps. In this post we’re going to look at a few awesome implementations of the WordPress REST API. Calypso Calypso - an Example of Implementations of - an Example of Implementations of the WP Rest Api , the new WordPress.com multi-site dashboard is a perfect showcase for the power of the REST API. It uses the REST API to communicate with not one, but all of your WordPress sites(yes, even .org ones as long as you have Jetpack installed and multisite dashboard enabled). This means that you
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