Tweet 43 Share 7 +1 2 Share 7 Email Shares 59 Font Awesome is an open source (free) project started by the amazing Dave Gandy, which as of April 11th is estimated to be on more than 60 million websites; including,, and Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons so that you aren’t loading individual images for each icon. They are faster loading and I use Font Awesome on every single website I own. Below I am going to walk you through a complete Font Awesome WordPress guide and tell you everything you need to know from setting it up, to optimizing delivery, and how to avoid render-blocking. Font Awesome WordPress Guide Here is an example of what some Font Awesome icons look like. You can also see them up in the navigation bar of this website. You can size them, color them, and pretty much everything you want to do all with CSS properties. You can see a full list of icons available in the Font Awesome icons directory. A lot of WordPress themes and developers actually now include Font Awesome in their code so you might already have access to it on your WordPress site. Check with your theme developer or try inputting the HTML for
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