The European Commission has just launched a new process to push forward their unpopular hyperlinking fee. Let’s stop this idea here. EU decision makers and lobbyists call it neighbouring rights, a snippet tax, or ancillary copyright. But we know what it is: a tax on linking. The link tax could make some of your favourite content virtually disappear from search engines. Users all over the world will be impacted. Take action now to give decision-makers a clear resounding ‘no to the link tax’. Together we can zip this plan up once and for all. Dear Commissioners Oettinger and Ansip, The creation of a new ‘neighbouring right’ limited to publishers and the creation of a new neighbouring right covering publishers in all sectors, will each have a strong negative impact on consumers, end-users, and EU citizens. If publishers gain a neighbouring right over the links to their content it will harm many forms of information sharing. It would create an advantage for entrenched news organisations and narrowing the range of news sources available to Internet users. When the link tax passed in Spain, the loss for the news publishing industry was estimated to be €10 million a year. A neighbouring right
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