If you work in WordPress development, it’s your business to know good site design – how to identify it as well as how to create it. And because you’re the expert, it’s also your job to sell the idea of a site redesign to a potential client. Many business owners these days don’t understand the true value of a website for branding and marketing purposes. For those who already have a website, it may be even harder to convince them that anything more is needed. People tell them, “You need a website if you’re going to do business!” And their response is, “I have one!” But upon closer inspection, the site hasn’t been updated since 2006, Flash is still running on some pages, and the site lives on Blogger. You realize it’s a mess and want to call them up screaming, “This is awful! I can save you!” Deep down though you realize that would only make matters worse. So what do you do? How do you explain to someone who doesn’t want to hear it, who doesn’t understand it, or who doesn’t want to pay for it that their website is probably the reason their business is flailing? Unfortunately, there isn’t
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