Earlier this year we ran a brief survey to collect feedback from our customers to help guide the recent redesign. I was blown away with the detailed responses we received, which really helped shape the direction of the new site and the new products we have already begun working on. We ran the survey for one week and collected 200 responses. What is most important to you when looking for a new WordPress theme? Design and code quality stole the show on the first question, which bodes well for us considering that’s our primary focus here at Array. Personally, I would have expected Theme Options to have more votes but I’m glad it didn’t. Decisions, not options, folks. One other surprising note on this one is the lack of votes for Support. This could be read a few different ways. It could be that those who took the survey have experienced our themes and know they don’t require a ton of support. It could also be that the survey participants were more advanced WordPress users and require less support. Or people just don’t want/need support! I wish I would have asked what their skill level was, which may have given us a little more insight into this. Would you be interested in a hosted option,
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