I’m well aware that Brian Gardner is pushing towards NoSidebar WordPress sites for simplicity and minimalism, but it doesn’t mean widget-free. Admit it, we’ve come to this time when we’re taking Widgets for granted. It’s more and more becoming an extra feature that we can leave behind, especially when we are using Page Builders (aside from Page Builder by SiteOrigin, of course), but we all loved and are still loving this core feature, so I’ve created this article and plugin to help you manage them better and hopefully will keep you thinking on using them more again. The Plugin We all love Display Widgets Plugin, but there are features that I would love to be integrated to it, like device visibility options, custom classes and ID, and even alignment; that’s why I’ve created Widget Options to showcase all the needed features elegantly via tabbed layout without compromising other plugins, and it seems to work more than expected. I’ve also found a solution to make it work with customizer to be able to easily configure the widgets live. Using Widget Options for Better Widget Management We’re all familiar on plugin installation, so go ahead and install Widget Options. Then go to Appearance
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