Jetpack is a great way to run your WordPress subscriptions, and Intercom is a truly awesome way to manage your subscribers and to stay in touch with your audience. Here is how you can build your blog subscriptions with Jetpack and store those email addresses in Intercom. The marketing team came to me and asked if I could allow our users to subscribe and receive all our blog posts by email, and store their email addresses into Intercom. I immediately thought it is a doddle to add users into Intercom as its API is so easy to use, but of course, Intercom isn’t gonna be able to send out the blog posts as they are posted now is it? Right away I am thinking use a subscription plugin, hook in and send the email addresses to Intercom via the API. And that is exactly what I did. We already had Jetpack installed so I simply enabled the Subscriptions module... Hang on! I wish it was that simple: the marketing team wanted the form in a custom location (in the middle of the blog archive page) and so I would have to programmatically add the subscribers into Jetpack as well. Now this was gonna be fun. So first I created the form HTML: <form id="blog-archive-signup"> <!--
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