With Caldera Forms you get both a powerful form builder and a front-end Profile Editor in one. This tutorial walks you through how to build a Profile Editor with Caldera Forms. If you know me, you know I’m always looking for plugins that make it easier to make great things with WordPress. When I discovered Caldera Forms a while back — a drag and drop form builder — I was sold. Since then I’ve converted many sites from Gravity Forms because Caldera Forms is easier, more powerful, and the forms looks great on any device by default, it’s free and the extensions are powerful and useful. Seriously folks, responsive design is not optional anymore. Caldera Forms is designed from the ground up to be totally responsive and mobile friendly. The editor is built around the kind of multi-column layouts we’re all used to using for our sites. These days thanks to tools like Caldera Forms and drag and drop page builders, it’s easier than ever to not just make websites, but make complete systems for your business with little to no code. One thing you probably don’t want is for your users to be in the WordPress dashboard. Instead you want to create simple,
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