Launching New Sites This past weekend I was ready to write my first headphone review for a new site. Yes, if you’ve been paying attention in the last few weeks, I spun up a new site on leadership, and now I’ve started a new site for headphones. Soon I’ll have another one on cigars. Each of these are dedicated sites that don’t need a lot except for a way to present their content and do it in a way that Google likes. So it’s no shock that for those kinds of sites, I choose the Genesis Framework for WordPress sites, from StudioPress – the makers of Rainmaker (the platform that hosts this site). Now, normally, one would look for and pick from one of the many Genesis Child Themes that are out there. If you want to do that, you totally can. Here are three of my favorite stores: Web Savvy Marketing Genesis Theme Store – Rebecca not only creates themes but has staff that can adjust them for you. Lindsey’s Pretty Darn Cute Store – Lindsey has a great sense of what will look good for your next site. Carrie Dils Utility Pro Theme – Carrie has created a powerful solution that will get you every feature you need! Alternatively, you have
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