This post has been brewing in me for a while, especially since I shared the Iceberg of Life. This isn’t a rant. It’s not meant to engender sympathy for me. And it isn’t a confession of my own thoughts, doubts, worries, insecurities for therapeutic reasons. It is meant to help other entrepreneurs know one thing: You’re not alone. Most everything on this list has been something I’ve struggled deeply with at one time or the other in my time as an entrepreneur, and/or heard numerous entrepreneurs talk about consistently. I’m not saying any of these are valid or right. I’m just saying they are part of the experience. Entrepreneurship is tough. It’s lonely. It’s a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s just awesome and other times you’re ready to puke and get off the ride. Overall, I can’t imagine a better gig for me. So rest assured if you identify with any, or all of these, you’re not alone. You’re just a human doing a very tough job. Confessions of an Entrepreneur “I got really, really lucky because I’m definitely not this good or talented.” “I’m carrying the weight of the world right
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