There was a brilliant computer game back in the day for Apple ][+ called “Robot Odyssey.” It was my first exposure to programming and the notion that instead of solving puzzles, you could build robots to solve puzzles on your behalf (and you could even build robots to build robots… 10-year-old mind blown…). This became the seed of a philosophy which evolved over my career and has served me well in my entrepreneurial and business endeavors. I challenge you to take any problem that currently confronts you and view it through this lens: Instead of imaging a solution, imagine a factory you could build that would generate future solutions to this and other similar problems in a sustainable way. This is the essence of systems thinking and it’s leap of abstraction. Developing the ability to see problems from a systems thinking perspective is arguably the most advantageous muscle entrepreneurs and knowledge workers alike can build. Anyone can brute force a problem and solve it one-off but that approach has two shortcomings: a) it’s not resilient b) it doesn’t scale well. In order to address these shortcomings your answer should ideally not be the
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