Should your WordPress site have an SSL certificate? The short answer is while it is not always, required, you should. While you don’t have to have it unless you are accepting payments, or are subject to privacy laws, you really should. Using the secure HTTPS transfer protocol for your site is one important step in keeping your site secure, respecting the integrity of your data and your user’s data. It also gives you an SEO boost and helps prevent the mass surveillance of the web, which are both nice bonuses. SSL vs HTTPS We tend to talk about two related technologies as if they were the same. An SSL certificate is what makes the secure HTTPS transport possible. The “S” in HTTPS stands for secure, same with the “S” in SFTP. SSL provides the encryption key that makes the encrypted HTTPS protocol possible. When we say a “site is using SSL” we mean that it has a properly configured SSL certificate and has been configured to only accept connections over HTTPS. These are two very different things. HTTPS Is A Must For eCommerce If your site accepts payments in any form, an SSL certificate should always be used. Most payment processors require
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