The final mockups for the proposed “Get WordPress” page for provide an early look into the new section that aims to make it easier for people to “get WordPress.” Automattic Designer Mark Uraine originally proposed the Get WordPress page in February as a way to improve the current Download and Mobile pages of the site and to eliminate the confusion surrounding the current navigation path by combining Mobile, Hosting, and Download WordPress. Here’s a look at the final mockup: As a single access point, this information will dramatically improve user experience and also unify related content, Uraine said. “The mockup combines downloading WordPress, downloading the mobile apps, and hosting into one page, with sub-pages for each,” he said. “Combining these options provides a well-rounded view of how someone might go about ‘getting’ WordPress – whether by downloading the software and setting it up themselves, having a hosting provider take care of it, or obtaining the mobile apps. Each section links to sub-pages that delve into more detail.” Uraine provided the information architecture for the page in an earlier post, which detailed the structure of each section
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