Everyone is eager to turn their WordPress site into a mobile app, and we offer two services, Reactor and AppPresser, to help you to do that. However, as an alternative (or in tandem!), a desktop app may provide a good user experience, so I’m here to walk you through turning your WordPress site into a desktop app. We will be using Electron, an open source framework for turning web technologies into desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. You may have heard of many desktop apps powered by Electron, including Atom Editor, Slack, Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the recently debuted WordPress.com app. Electron is built and ran with node so you want to make sure you have node installed. Electron is installed as a node module. Once you have node installed, fire up the command line! Install dependencies First, we need to install Electron and the packager modules globally. $ npm install electron-prebuilt -g $ npm install electron-packager -g Create App Folder Then we need to create a folder for the app… $ mkdir app $ cd app Configure App Next, we will run npm init to create the package.json file. We put configuration data for Electron in this file. $ npm init There will be
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