WordPress ERP At weDevs, we love WordPress and we see it from a very different perspective. It’s not only a CMS, but we believe it’s a platform for building “Web of Things”. Some may say it is a challenge, and we have always loved challenges. Our WordPress powered products; Dokan Multi-vendor, Project ManagerandWP User Frontendhas around 300k+ fans. This proves that anything can be done with full privilege on WordPress. It took us time to mature these applications, but hard work and imagination cannot stop the possibility of something even greater. So we took the challenge yet again. We have dedicatedly developed an ERP system for more than 1.5 years besides our regular projects. Our ERP system consists an HR and CRM in its core plus a full-fledged Accounting system as a separate add-on. The best part is, all of these are FREE and open-source. WP-ERP has been handling our own company management for the past several months. After testing, we decided to go public. So, very recently, we have released the beta version a month ago and updated it to v1.0 last week. Is ERP on WordPress a good idea? Wondering is it even possible with WordPress? People also thought the
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