Plugins are essential for WordPress websites. If WordPress core is the bread and butter of a website, plugins are the strawberry jam. They turn a generic website into something irresistible. Plugins can perform pretty much any function desired on a website. From e-commerce solutions to photo galleries, plugins give WordPress users the ability to create custom websites. This is one reasons WordPress is the most popular content management system available. When it comes to plugins, WordPress users have a lot of choices and developers have some significant competition. In the repository alone, there are over 44,000 plugins. In CodeCanyon, there are over 4,000 plugins priced over $4. Beyond these plugin repositories, there are countless developer websites offering premium plugins. This can be overwhelming and leave customers wondering how to choose the best plugin. WordPress Plugins From the Developer and User Perspectives Not all plugins on the market are equal. Some plugins are extremely useful, while others fall flat. Some explode in popularity, while others remain stagnant. Several may have almost exactly the same function, with all the same bells and whistles, but one
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