In #34893 and the accompanying Customize Setting Validation feature plugin I’ve suggested improvements to the Customizer setting validation model. More can be read about the proposal in that ticket description and plugin readme, but the short of it is that settings in the Customizer generally undergo clean-up sanitization but lack a robust system for pass/fail validation. Here is a video demo depicting what I think validation should look like in the Customizer: Normally the Customizer just sanitizes values by attempting to coerce them and clean them up into something that can be safely used (e.g. stripping tags). As for validation, and while I believe this is relatively unusual to encounter, you can also do strict validation of a setting by blocking it from being saved: this is done by returning null from WP_Customize_Setting::sanitize() (often via WP_Customize_Setting::$sanitize_callback). This is the behavior for setting the background_color: if the value is not a valid hex code, it will not save. The problem here is that there is no feedback to the user that the save was blocked. If user tries to enter “blue” as a color instead of a hex code, they will not get informed that this
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