On the 29th of April in 2013, I sat down in a beautiful little co-working space in Austria called Daxbau, and launched that Ghost Kickstarter campaign. Almost precisely 3 years later, I've returned to the exact same spot to write this post while I await the rest of the Ghost team to join me here for our first team trip of the year. It's always fun to take some time and look back at just how far we've come every 12 months, and I'm even more excited to tell you about where we'll be going next! Ghost in Numbers: $600,000 Annual Revenue Total downloads: 1,088,580 Github Stars: 19,301 Ghost(Pro) subscribers: 4,705 Monthly recurring revenue (MRR): $50,038 Annual recurring revenue (ARR): $600,456 Average revenue per user: $10.59 Churn rate: 4.9% Team size: 9 people across 5 countries and 3 continents (+2 on trial, and 2 open positions) In summary? Everything is looking really good, and our growth is healthy, sustainable and profitable. We still do zero marketing, and 100% of Ghost's growth has been word of mouth. You can find all of our other financial data, available to view by anyone, over on Baremetrics. Looking back on Year 3 Ghost's third year was a weird one, and in many ways a transitional
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