GitHub today announced that all paid plans on will include unlimited private repositories. This means that instead of paying based on the number of repositories used, users will have access to unlimited repositories at a fixed rate:

  • Personal: $7 per month for an individual plan
  • Organization: $9 per user per month for an organization, or $25 per month for the first five users
  • Enterprise: $21 per month for the enterprise package, which is sold in packs of 10 users and billed annually

All paid individual accounts will be automatically moved to the new plan over the next few days. Organizations will not be auto-upgraded, but instead will have the option to upgrade to the new unlimited plan at any time.

According to the announcement, many developers within the GitHub community believe unlimited repositories to be “a better way to work.”

“We Agree — through years of building our business and developing GitHub for you, we’ve seen first-hand the advantages of working without private repository limits,” the announcement said.

At this time, GitHub is not forcing users to upgrade to the new plan. There is still an option to pay based on the number of repositories used.

GitHub emphasized that while there is currently no plan to enforce the new model, if for some reason that changes in the future they will give users at least 12 months’ notice. It’s important to note that GitHub will always be free for public and open-source projects, which includes WordPress.

You can check out the pricing plan here or contact GitHub directly with any questions.

Marie Dodson

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