About a week before we launched WP Migrate DB Pro 1.6, I had my heart broken by Ashley Rich in our slack channel. It went something like this: /——dramatization——/ @bradt: Is 1.6 ready to launch? @jrgould: Yep! We are ready to go! Absolutely nothing could go wrong. @a5hleyrich: Hey @jrgould, new UI looks great but it crashes when I have a lot of media @jrgould: What? No. I’ve tested with like, 1000 media files. Get a new laptop. @a5hleyrich: I have 10k attachments and it’s locking up chrome. @jrgould: No… @a5hleyrich: Sorry, mate. @jrgould: Finding the Leak What came next was quite a bit of speculation on everybody’s part as to what was causing browsers to slow to a crawl and often lock up when very large amounts of media files were being migrated. Clearly it’s a memory issue, but what’s causing it? First, some background. You may have seen WP Migrate DB Pro’s new UI, but you probably haven’t gone through the code. I won’t put you through that, but for those who are interested, here’s an early “sketch” that I put together on CodePen when I was first starting to work on it: console.clear();
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