Since I started working at Delicious Brains, it seems we have been hiring pretty much constantly. Prospective new hires go through a few weeks trial where they work on our products alongside the team. We have a couple of guides on our internal wiki that indicate our expectations for new developers, such as coding standards and GitHub workflow, but a recent conversation about Xdebug made me consider if, as a team, we should be more explicit about a minimum set of requirements for developers – both new and existing. The Power of Xdebug Jeff and a new guy on trial were digging into an issue that was hard to track down. I piped up on the Slack channel: “xdebug?”. Jeff’s response was solid gold: Nobody knows how to use xdebug, Lain ‘Lain’ is my email support pseudonym where people don’t quite realise my name (Iain) is spelled with a capital ‘i’ when sans-serif fonts are used. It doesn’t bother me at ALL. After I stopped laughing, I needed to get to the bottom of this – I thought everyone used Xdebug?! I had even written about it on the blog before! Turns out it really is one of those things you know you should set up, but
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