Every day people spend more time on their smartphone that on any other device, turning them into the perfect point of contact for a given business. In this sense, we've looked at how Facebook and Google are tapping into that specific need with new solutions and formats: Instant Articles and AMP pages. But there's still one well-known company that's been moving towards the mobile world even further and came up with its peculiar solution. I'm talking about Apple with Apple News and the News publishing platform. In this 3rd and final part of the series, we'll go through this topic by explaining what's Apple News, how it works, and how to publish content from your WordPress website on Apple News platform. At WWDC 2015, while unveiling iOS9, Apple announced that a new app would be available for iPhone and iPad users: News, which is a reading app that aggregates articles from different sources and presents them in a nice mobile-optimized format. Here's an example: What it's important with that news wasn't only the app itself, rather Apple's new publishing tools that came along and that could be of interest to many publishers and businesses publishing content through their website. Specifically,
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