When we left off in the first part of this series, we had just finished walking through the steps every dissatisfied nine-to-fiver needs to take in order to successfully transition into full-time freelancing. Key word there being successfully… There’s certainly no ceiling on what you can earn as a freelancer, that’s true. But, in order to reach the top you’ve got to work hard, and (even more importantly) work smart. Working smart as a freelancer means excelling at client relations. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean the customer is always right. As a freelancer, you live in a unique place where you’re not required to play by any rules but your own, especially when it comes to your pay, scheduling and expectations. Still, you’re a professional and you must act accordingly. So, once you’ve started gaining momentum in building your client base, follow these simple rules to continue fueling the growth of your business. Rule #1 — Never work for free, ever. When a client can’t summarize their needs in less than fifteen minutes, propose a paid consultation to them. This sets the tone immediately that your time is valuable. Personally,
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