A well-written content is what sets your site apart from the rest and conveys the right message about your business to your target audience. In addition to reaching the masses, interactive content also majorly contributes to the success of your website. All the other elements of your site fulfill a secondary role. In fact, if your site has powerful taglines, the striking design will only add to the effectiveness of the content. The design itself doesn't sell. In reference to design projects, oftentimes designers begin designing a project without comprehending the content. However, the first step to designing a project is to go through the content. Then formulate the design and how the content goes with it. This process of considering the content first before designing is known as “Content-First design concept”. How to Combine Content Writing and Design the Right Way? Content Specialist Kristina Halvorson says in an interview, “Content should drive design decisions and the entire layout is to be designed to support the content”. Another statement about content and design by Jeffrey Zeldman states that content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design. It's just
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