Genesis framework is among the most popular frameworks for rapid WordPress theme development. Whether it is the best one is out of the question – there is no "best" when it comes to development of any kind. What is excellent for one purpose could be completely useless for another purpose. But one of the good things Genesis brings is that it comes with quite a lots of action hooks and filters, allowing us to easily rearrange elements on the template. Within this tutorial, I will describe how to create a front page with parallax effect based on widgets (although there are other ways to achieve this, such as ACF) and custom backgrounds (done through WordPress customizer). If you'd like to test the code I'm about to show you, you'd need a working child theme because this is where all the code with Genesis theme development goes. At the end of this tutorial you'll also find a link to a live demo. Parallax effect has become increasingly popular in recent years (for a good reason) and is a frequent request from clients, while some of the best themes and web designs created in the last few years regularly include different types of parallax effects. Which one to choose is a difficult question
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