Things have changed a lot since the inception of the internet. Today the evolution of new devices has persuaded webmasters and businesses to launch mobile friendly websites to reach the masses. According to Morgan Stanley, mobile browser use has outgrown app use and desktop use. Users may spend hours on apps but when they pick up a mobile phone they are most likely to use a browser to look for the desirable information. In fact, more than 38% of Google search results originate from mobile phones today. While users may like to play games on their phone, or browser Facebook app, they are unlikely to download your mobile application – they are more interested in visiting your site on their smartphones instead. This completely indicates that your site needs to be optimized for smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. Where it has become extremely important to have a mobile-friendly website, WordPress has proven to be a great platform to get started with building a mobile version of your site. WordPress developers have taken mobile optimization of a website quite seriously and thus made it a lot easier for you to build a site for your audience that they can be accessed on their mobile
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