No matter how brilliant your plugin is, or how well it’s been coded, you’re going to need some kind of customer support system in place if you care about your brand and your reputation. These days, support just isn’t optional for serious developers who treat their brands like a business. Customers will expect great service and support. If they don’t get great support, or if there’s a breakdown in how it’s delivered, it can wreak serious havoc on a developer or business. Social media crises erupt around hapless brands that didn’t take customer support obligations seriously on a regular basis. You’ve undoubtedly seen or at least read about a few yourself, like these unfortunate social media fails. And you don’t want that to happen to your business. On the flip side, offering high-quality support helps you market your plugins to your ideal customers by creating a significant benefit that differentiates your plugin from the competition. Stellar customer support – Source Stellar customer support also keeps your current users and customers satisfied — so when you add to your plugin offers, or eventually add a premium level,
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