When I started working on Freemius, one of the first things I did was conduct a market research to see how much the WordPress community cares about business. We all know that WordPress has a huge market share, but the question is how many developers care about making money off of their open-source plugins & themes. That’s how I first stumbled upon the Matt Report. Besides the fact that Matt was the first podcast I ever listened to (don’t judge – I work from home), Matt’s business-focused podcast was one of the signals that the market is maturing. On March 2015, I sent a cold email to Matt trying to get an interview on his podcast since there were LOTS of similarities between what we cover on our blog, and the preferred topics covered on Matt’s podcast. I got no response because Matt decided to ignore my email (his loss). About a year after that, Matt and I met in several different WordPress events, had some deep conversations about the unique WordPress business ecosystem over a beer(s), and became good friends. As much as he is outgoing, Matt is one of the most humble people I ever met, and I highly appreciate his opinion. For anyone who doesn’t
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