InTrigger is a free plugin designed to help you capture more subscribers for your mailing list without using popup forms to do so. InTrigger works with 3 main scenarios to help you generate signups: Scenario 1 is a “continue reading” feature where the plugin will hide part of the post content and display a “Continue Reading” button which when clicked will provide a signup form for the user to enter their email address. Scenario 2 is an inline form, where the plugin will display a form or message in the middle of your post content. Scenario 3 is a floating bar which can be displayed at the top or bottom of your site, you can set it to show after a certain amount of scrolling by the user. You can configure the display rules for each scenario so you can tailor it for your site by displaying after x page views, on certain pages only, you can also target different devices like mobile or tablet etc. The plugin is completely free to download and use – grab it from the WordPress directory here. Features Scenario 1 – Continue reading: Hide post content after x% and invite the user to subscribe or click to display full post Scenario 2 – Inline post: Insert a form or message in the middle of a
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