After the major UX revamp of Envira Gallery last month, we have been working hard to add new features. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of three new addons: Featured Content, Downloads, and Breadcrumbs. Let’s take a closer look on how each of these work. Featured Content Gallery Ever wanted to create a gallery of your WordPress posts, pages, or other custom post types such as products, testimonials, books, etc? With Featured Content addon, you can! You have the option to select the post types, choose to only show from specific categories and tags, include or exclude specific posts, change the sorting order, select the number of items displayed, and more. This addon is available with Silver, Gold, and Platinum license. Check out our live Featured Content Gallery Demo to see it in action. Breadcrumb Navigation for Envira Gallery Envira Gallery Breadcrumbs Addon allows you to add breadcrumb navigation to your galleries that are accessed from an Album. This allows users to easily navigate around your galleries and albums. It also helps search engines understand the hierarchy of links on a web page. If you’re using the popular Yoast SEO plugin, then Envira Breadcrumbs
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