When we first started, our pricing by all accounts was absurdly low. In my last post I chronicled the details of our pricing journey at Sucuri. Developers were finding that the cost was low enough that it was easier to send websites to us rather than invest their time, that could, at the time, run $40 to $100 an hour or so. Also, contrary to the traditional Information Security (InfoSec) domain, focused on the enterprise, there weren’t that many players in the website security domain focused on the everyday website owners. There were a few competitors in name only, not in product or quality of service. Here are a few things we were working with: Didn’t have the capital investment others had (we wanted build something sustainable); Weren’t going to go the freemium model (zero sum game that devalues security outright); Knew diddly squat about SaaS, selling to anyone (let alone consumers or businesses); The market was not established (people weren’t waking up thinking security); It was never about building a business (it sounded like a fun project); We were focusing on a market in which the expectation was either free or low cost (think open-source and hosting); When you think about it,
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