April was a month with a lot of changes. I am sure you have noticed the changes if you use ManageWP Classic and Orion on a daily basis. April Goals Review What We Did Well One of our main goals for the month of April was reducing the First Response Time under 30 minutes, plus finishing and publishing the Orion User Guide. We have reduced the First Response Time in Orion by 43%. The Orion User Guide is published and we are currently finishing the How To Videos. What We Can Do Better We have noticed that most of your inquiries in April were primarily about your problems with finding your way on the Orion dashboard. We should have avoided this confusion by earlier releasing the Orion User Guide, and we apologise that you had to contact us for something that could have been an easy fix on our side. What Was Great The great achievement is that we resolved 73% of all Orion tickets in 6 hours, 10% under 12 hours and 7% under 24 hours, which is a great result due to the fact that we received 53% more tickets in Orion than in the previous month. Customer Feedback Every month we pick one good and one bad feedback so this April ain’t gonna be an exception. Such a friendly support team you
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