Media Temple is launching a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today. That would be interesting by itself, but the twist here is that the company, which is owned by GoDaddy, is hosting this service on AWS. With this offering, Media Temple is combining its expertise in running WordPress installs with its (mt) One white-glove customer service offering, CloudTech Premier support, and the scalability of Amazon’s cloud computing services. While it may seem odd for a hosting provider like Media Temple to offer a solution on Amazon’s platform instead of its own, it’s worth noting that the company already offered managed cloud hosting on AWS before. “Media Temple’s servers are good, but there are things we can do with Amazon’s technology that you can’t do with a virtual private server,” MediaTemple senior director of product management Brendan Fortune told me. Among these things are AWS tools like Lambda, Amazon’s serverless compute service, and robust support for containers with the EC2 Container Service. Fortune noted how building on top of Amazon’s container management service enables Media Temple to quickly scale a
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