This is the third article in our series about European communities. We started this series by presenting the communities from Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. Last week we presented the communities from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, and today we’re going west to present you the communities of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. These four countries have a strong historical connection, with people living in the same Austro-Hungarian Empire less than 100 years ago. This lasted even longer in the case of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia as they were part of Yugoslavia, a country that broke down in a horrible war just 25 years ago. But today, older people could learn a valuable lesson from these “young forces” that work together to build communities on top of the most popular open source software in the world: WordPress. Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian WordPress community members stand together for a photo shoot with Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin on the 2nd WordCamp Europe in Sofia. In Vienna we will see around 120 people from these countries. Slovenia – WordPress between the Alps and the Adriatic We start our journey in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Slovenia is a rather small
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