Photo of Karin Taliga I am a trained professional dancer. As in nine years of elite ballet school. If you saw Chris Lema’s presentation at WordCamp Europe 2014 when he talked about dancers dancing on their tippity toes – that was me. All the preparations he talked about regarding the point shoes? I’ve done them, and more. That was once part of my everyday life. I have since then changed genre to contemporary dance and I have over 15 years of experience in the performing arts. I am also a geek. I have been all my life. Let’s just say that I’m addicted to learning and figuring out how things work. Me + code = true I started programming when I did a university course that was meant for artists and computer science graduates to connect and produce new contemporary art. We “artists” got introductory programming classes, we were taught C and the foundations of html+css+php+mysql. I was hooked. I didn’t have time to go very far into coding though because I kept getting dance gigs. And I felt that dancing came first – I could always come back to the code later. Dance was work, code was for fun. But the code kept dragging me in. It was something I always did on the side, and when I was in between
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