A captivating online presence is paramount these days, regardless of whether you’re a local doctor, an international law firm, or a global news outlet. The music industry is no exception to this rule. In fact, with CD and digital download sales continuing to decline in the wake of free music streaming services, a compelling online presence is a mandate for musicians. Luckily, musicians have WordPress at their disposal. WordPress has made it possible for even the least tech-savvy of musicians to create a website that shows off their talents and opens up a whole new online audience. The standard toolkit that a WordPress install provides is more than enough to get any musician off to a flying start. But, to really make your website sing (pun intended!), to create a website that makes people want to stay longer, buy your music, go to your gigs, and leave glowing reviews, these WordPress plugins could be your new best friend. WordPress Plugins For Managing Tour Dates The bread and butter of any musician is live performance. It is often one of the main reasons that musicians become musicians — for the love of the stage, and performing to a crowd. So, it should be no surprise that we start
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